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Hotel Solo: stay on the Solovetsky Islands, river cruises, tours to the Solovetsky monastery and Museum

The hotel “Solo” is a building in the heart of the village of Solovki. For arriving at Solovki hotel offers cozy rooms of different comfort level, modern cafe with good food, a fireplace room, inviting all guests to spend joint leisure.

No matter whether you have arrived as a pilgrim in the courtyard of Solovetsky. did you Solovetsky monastery, Museum or just relaxing on the Solovetsky Islands. – hospitable owners of the hotel are always ready for their guests to kindle the real Russian bath, fishing trips, have a little picnic with shish kebabs or fresh fish.

Everyone who comes to Solovki: the winter tour of artists and philosophers, in the summer many guests gather at the traditional Solovetsky regatta. from may to October, there are the outdoor enthusiasts and fans of history – and they all need a comfortable and inexpensive hotel. Solovki is not the edge, where looking for luxury and entertainment, Solovki is a place where soul can rest.

Going to the Solovetsky Islands, of preferably book in advance: Solovetsky settlement, a map which has only a few streets, though hospitable, but it is too limited in its accommodation of tourists – after all, the Solovetsky Islands tourism has only recently begun to match.

Solovetsky Islands for many centuries lived a solitary and mysterious life in the center of which has always been the legendary Solovetsky monastery. and it was hard to imagine anything more incompatible than a combination of Solovki – tourism .

Nevertheless, today the Solovetsky Islands tour popular at any time of the year. Summer is especially popular river cruises: the Solovki associated with Moscow and St. Petersburg waterways, which runs the ship. Solovki became closer to the mainland!

And yet: if you’re going to the Solovetsky Islands, how to get to this remote Northern archipelago? Located in the depths of the White sea island of Solovki, you can get Russian river through beautiful lakes Ladoga and Onega, through the famous white sea-Baltic canal – popular cruises to the Solovetsky Islands on the routes St. Petersburg-Solovki-the Solovetsky Islands will allow you to appreciate the beauty of these water bodies.

Sunrises and sunsets on the deck of the ship, the beauty of the white sea canal, stop in the ancient Russian cities – this is what river cruises. Solovki with their rugged beauty and lofty tragedy deservedly considered a pearl of these routes.

That is primarily interested in coming to Solovki? The monastery – the legendary Solovetsky monastery (the main courtyard) with its five centuries of history, the monastery, which today lives its own mysterious, unfathomable to the lay life. By the way, the hotel “Solo” is located a few minutes walk from Nicholas gate and convenient to all seekers of monastic mysteries.

But it would be wrong to assume that the only attraction that can boast of the Solovetsky Islands – a monastery. of course, the Solovetsky Kremlin is a unique monument of culture and architecture, but no less interesting, for example, the Solovetsky Maritime Museum, the local Botanical garden with old trees or man-made channels, literally permeated the Solovetsky Islands (map of the archipelago was totally devoid of rivers, now lakes are connected by channels).

Visiting in the warmer months on the Solovetsky Islands tour on the canals and lakes are always underwhelming. And another man-made “wonder”, attracting seekers of impressions on the Solovetsky Islands labyrinths. mounds and mounds: these ancient addition is full of romanticism and mystery, to solve which scientists have not yet succeeded.

Wonderful on the Solovetsky Islands and activities: Solovki is one of the cleanest parts of nature on our planet. Balmy air, blue sky, natural forests, full of mushrooms and berries, sea and lake fishing – that’s what the Solovki. Excursions tourists are offered variety: here and visit ancient shrines, and historical monuments, boat tours on unique Solovki lake and canal system, and Hiking in the woods for mushrooms.

The trip to the Solovetsky Islands will be a truly memorable experience. And on the Solovki tourists always waiting for the hotel “Solo” is a place of comfort in the far Northern edge!

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