Different lakes of Italy
What is so attracted by the resorts on the lakes? First of all, crystal clear fresh water. Secondly, the charming scenery of the majestic Alps to the fruit groves. Thirdly,…

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Victoria is the largest lake in Africa
When you are in Uganda, make a trip to lake Victoria. Only in this lake is home to fish, Marco, in other bodies of water the fish lived 300 million…

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The Emerald water of the capital: near Kyiv appeared a new lake
LyonL The emerald water of the capital: near Kyiv appeared a new lake Lakes of Kiev will not surprise you: the city grew on the banks of the Dnieper river…

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Tips for those who are first going to Svitiaz

If you are going for the first time to visit the lake, perhaps from the very start is to warn you about the mosquitoes. The rest they, of course, will not spoil, but the mood can be affected.There are many of them. But not anywhere and not anytime. Mosquitoes like warm and wet weather. If early summer is warm and it rains frequently, then a city dweller it will be difficult to do without insect repellent. But happy that in the local supermarket, the market, and in other places they have a wide range. Since July, mosquitoes will not be so much. Most of them are in the woods, in bushes, in swampy areas and on banks of reservoirs. Less mosquitoes in well-lit by the sun and blown areas. During windy weather they are not. This problem can be solved if to take on holiday with you mosquito repellent and clothes made of thick fabric, with long sleeves for the evening.

Sand around the lakes and the lake has private cottages that can be rented as a whole or by rooms, much depends on budget and your goals for the rest. The comfort level is quite high. You better find out and specify in advance the possibility of additional catering and services. Also on these lakes there are many small and a few large resorts, on the Bank placed sanatoriums, children’s summer camps, hotels, campsites, campings. Rooms it is advisable to book in advance. as for July-mid-August availability is already almost will not be. You need to keep in mind that the chosen place for living can be located in the vibrant and calm. Better the owners to check on the arrival.

If you want to enjoy silence – select remote from markets, the beach, food places. And then they, ironically, are cheaper. Traditional private sector (houses of the locals that rent for the summer season) can be used as an economy option. Those who do not want to vacation to deprive yourself of the “pleasures of civilization”, is more suitable modern hotels and recreation centers. For example, the hotel complex “Between the three lakes” – comfortable rooms with all amenities, WI-FI for guests, a large area for entertaining and a full range of services, including meals – is not “all inclusive”? Of course, room to order better sarnese, as wanting to relax at a high level a lot.

Green tourism deserves special attention. In the area engaged in its complex organization, in the silence and the perfect environment.

Climatic features

At the water the air is moist enough in the woods it is enriched with substances that produce coniferous trees.


Here, there are enough establishments for good nutrition. In the food market there are many products(meat, dairy, fish, vegetables). Also there are small markets. Local Housewives bring fruits, berries, homemade food right on the beach. The most delicious of their food is donuts. And, of course, eel fried, boiled and especially smoked.

Beaches and lakes

Svityaz and Pisochne – the most famous lake with unusually clear water. And their beaches are the most popular. If you want quiet relaxation, it is possible and on the other to pay attention.


Most of the Shatsk lakes are on the territory of national natural Park. So to build fires and put up tents allowed in designated areas and close to lakes cannot be reached. This is shown on information signs along the roads. In some places you have to pay a recreation fee in the amount of several USD.


On weekends and holidays is better to book in advance the accommodation, because there are many people, and sometimes even a few days is unreal. Prices for holidays at the Lake are quite reasonable, but it is necessary to look at all the available options and choose the best possible. Because sometimes for the money that you zaplatite for a room in the private sector, you can rent a great room in the hotel with all the amenities.

If you are travelling by personal transport, on Sunday at the calculation time on the road you should throw an hour or two, as it may be a traffic jam in the Shack or on the site Shatsk-liuboml. It’s not so often, but it happens, because the popularity of this resort is growing every year.

The Most dangerous lake on earth (photos)
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