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Zorb Rotorua
Experience There is a reason why New Zealand is known as the "Adventure capital of the world". The country invented countless daring sporting adventures and is the first commercial bungee…

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Zorb Rotorua


There is a reason why New Zealand is known as the “Adventure capital of the world”. The country invented countless daring sporting adventures and is the first commercial bungee jumping. With all the high activity of adrenaline was introduced here, it is not surprising that also the first kiwi to climb into giant plastic balls and rush down the hill, the activity known as Zorbing.

Zorbing, or sphereing, is essentially a child’s dream (and the nightmare of many adults). You enter a transparent sphere with a three-meter circle and start down the hill, either straight or zigzag path. The sport originated in the 1990s, founded by two Kiwis looking for thrills. Since then it has evolved into an international business, from the zorb around the world, including Sweden, Thailand, Ireland and the United States.

The only zorb site in New Zealand in Rotorua, dubbed the country’s “adventure Hub”. Rotorua is situated in the centre of the North island, and also goes under another name: “. Sulphur City” You smell the city before you see it, its geothermal activity gives it a distinctive scent that has been compared to rotten eggs. Sulfur has many resorts and hot springs around town, and the locals say you get used to the smell, but I guess it takes more than three days I spent there!

The idea of Zorbing gives two main contrasting reactions: a huge grin of excitement, or an expression of bewilderment. You either get it or not. It is obvious that while there are cynics among the masses, There are many zorb enthusiasts and, with nearly 600,000 participants since the site opened in 1995-an average of 50000 Zorbers each year.

Accordingly, as of the related records zorb is a Kiwi. Surprisingly, both were installed on same day. One day in November 2006, history was made at Matapara Farm in Rotorua. Keith Colver went downhill at the speed of 52 km / h, measured by police radar. On the same day, Steve camp fell to 570 meters, breaking the previous record in the UK for 250 meters. Both New Zealand currently in the Guinness Book of records.

To zorb or not to zorb not the only issue. There are actually a number of different options to about your experience. There is Zorbit: the main ride zorb, dry on the inner side of the ball and rolled right down the grass hill. Zydro, on the other hand, the water inside the bowl, splashing around as you roll down, and you can choose either a straight or a zigzag track. You can go on Zydro ride solo or with one or two friends, but only the solo riders can follow a zigzagging path.

Taking the plunge Zorbing in Rotorua will set you back around NZ $ 50 and the price falls minimally if you go with a friend. On the other hand, a set of three rides only NZ $ 108. It’s really expensive to ride, which lasts up to ten seconds, but if you can afford it, it is really an invaluable experience-the fleeting sense of freedom and silliness rolling down a lush green rural hill in the adventure capital adventure capital! New Zealand Zorbing is a uniquely thrilling experience, and, surprisingly, on the list of many travellers bucket.

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