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The Emerald water of the capital: near Kyiv appeared a new lake


The emerald water of the capital: near Kyiv appeared a new lake

Lakes of Kiev will not surprise you: the city grew on the banks of the Dnieper river and small streams surrounded by hilly terrain. Over time, the landscape has changed, the waters were dried up, and only in deep water Paddy, Nivki, Darnitsa, Glubochitsa, Pochaina, where he continued to hit the soft spot, left of the lake…

Journey into history

The environmentalists say that originally the life of all water bodies of Kiev took place in the same rhythm: water, “feathered” and flora did not differ. There was a trend: the left Bank of the city (which has long been flooded the Dnieper river) was chosen by the lake is deeper and bigger. When the city began actively to be built (in the second half of the last century), the picture has changed: the banks became the base for household waste and “bathing” the car, water began to drain industrial effluents, some lakes dried up completely.

The Lake “Emerald”

Recently, the water issue of the region concerned near Kiev, this summer under the capital appeared a beautiful lake with clear water. In the village Kopachova Obukhov district not far from the “Kievan Rus Park” now spreads a hundred-meter emerald lake, bordered by generous greenery of herbs. This project was implemented Volodymyr Yanchenko, President of the complex, to the delight of guests and visitors.

Local nature

The proximity to the lake water forest – the highlight of the place. The trees create a whimsical silhouettes on the surface of the water, the ozone fills the air space, its a wonderful song get wild birds.

Service “near the water”

Relax on the shores of the “emerald” is a real pleasure. Grass lawn tranquilizing effect on bare feet, so you can contemplate the beauty of the place, while also enjoying a massage, strolling around the perimeter of the reservoir. For whom such entertainment is not enough – feel free to go swimming. With one side sandy beach, with safe approach into the water for children and adults.

What to do

Of course, to be photographed . In the water, in the woods, zapechatlet rest noisy or creating a romantic portrait plan in the lap of nature.

Entertain delicious! Grab a delicious sandwich (preferably different) or order a excellent barbecue cooks Park. You will want to dine and discuss with family experiences of a busy weekend.

To bathe in “emerald” . The only wish – bring necessary beach gear, including, in fact, a swimsuit and trunks.

Routes to the “emerald”

You can go in “the Kievan Rus Park” for a walk on weekends and weekdays. Use the fixed-route taxi from metro Vydubychi (RR-R “Furshet”), on the road to 45 minutes, the ticket costs 30 UAH.


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