The Lake Khasan region
Geography On the territory of Khasansky district in Primorsky region the large number of lakes. Most of them are small and small, each with its own fish fauna. Lake Hassan…

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Victoria is the largest lake in Africa
When you are in Uganda, make a trip to lake Victoria. Only in this lake is home to fish, Marco, in other bodies of water the fish lived 300 million…

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The Philharmonic hall and its attractions Daily. ru - Satka
Satka and its attractions Satka district is the most scenic area of the Chelyabinsk region – nestled in the Ural mountains. What wonders of nature you will not see here…

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Of the 365 lakes in the capital only eight most pure very popular among the people of Kiev

Where you can spend your holiday without leaving the city?

The stronger the sun warms, the increasing popularity in Kiev to relax on the water, the good water God is our capital not offended: on the territory of the city’s 365 lakes. During beach season on the shores of large lakes of the city rest about three to four million people. Beautiful lake create a special microclimate in the city, assume the “mud” shot, after collecting rain water from our streets. Watercourses such as the river Darnitsa, Lybid, Syrets system career Opechen lakes, prevent the ingress of dirt with huge Metropolitan areas in the Dnieper.

“Signs “Swimming is prohibited” appear near bodies of water with uncleared bottom and lakes with dirty water”

In reservoirs, where rainwater flows down from the streets, there are warning signs “Bathing is forbidden” — says the Director of the municipal enterprise “Pleso” Nicholas Sepec. — Although the volume of water in the lakes of Opechen, for example, is that they, coping with all the mud we remain in “live” condition and do not lose the ability to cleanse itself.

The signs “Swimming is prohibited” appear near bodies of water with uncleared bottom and lakes of dirty water. And working on the beaches there are always warning signs — where the banks are abrupt bottom, strong current, underwater pit. If you saw them, and stay out of the water! Unfortunately, to the beaches of the capital and holidaymakers bring and drink beer and vodka. After that, no warning label no longer reads. But from the beginning of the year on the water in the district of Kiev killed 14 people.

In Kiev, the most popular bathing lakes are rainbow, Redkino (“Ministerka”), Forest (DVRZ), palm, Forest-Vodicka ponds, Sunny, located not far from residential areas. Most “healthy” and clean lakes in the city and the Taxpaying Nebres Central Osokorky — not yet attract tourists due to instability of the banks and beach areas. In the future there will break elegant relax area, which along with the Park is 350 acres. This zone will include the lake Vyrlytsia, although it has its problems.

The biggest in Kiev lake — Diamond — occupies 176 hectares. However, this needs substantial funding for the construction of its Park and beaches, but the water quality and parameters of “health” of the Diamond is excellent!

But in the Blue lake on the Gardener we do not recommend to bathe. Water quality and chemical indicators are very good, but loads it can withstand are such that bacterial indicators cannot be build on its shores this beach is quite then the lake will die. In 1998 we brought Blue in order, today its banks are heavily overgrown with reeds and algae — the effect of the ingestion of a large amount of organic substances in water. Water needed to give the property of the Metropolitan community and “treat”…

“In the bushes on the beaches beware of “burning” and the poisonous giant umbrella plant borovnica”

– A big load from coming on the beaches and littering campers — this week we move up to 1000 cubic metres of waste from the city’s beaches! — leads to overgrowing of shores of urban lakes with algae, reeds, — continues Nikolay Sepec. Is a signs of aging of the reservoir, and the process is difficult to stop. So if you want to make your lake lived long, keep it! We are two years every three weeks manually remove algae from the beaches in the Bridgehead Slobodka, on the Golden beach and ChartArea. A big effect it does not, because of each remaining piece in the water the algae develops a new plant.

Near wild beaches lots of plants-allergens. And around a stationary urban beaches in the city 24 — the harmful plants remove beach service. Clean and collagen ragweed (common weeds with abundant pollen allergen), rip very prickly cenchrus, acrid stonecrop, Datura (nightshade) — poisonous hallucinogen. Many divorced in the current year, the giant umbrella plants prefer wet — borovnica. Its leaves are “fired” and is very poisonous. The most difficult to deal with the fluff of the poplars provide shade for the trees has nothing to replace, the more that poplar holds the record for producing oxygen.

Now in our own kennel we parasivam saplings lovely tree — megaservice. In the conifer sheds its needles in winter, is rare, but produces oxygen even better poplar. Here it and will be planting in the recreation areas near the water — instead of “down” poplars.

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