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Tours in Lecco, lake Como and other lakes North of Milan

Como, Italy: what to see?

If You ask me, I will answer: of course, first of all the lake itself, starting with walking on its coast, which I suggest You to go with me. I invite everyone to take a tour one day privately (individually) or as part of a group trip from Milan to Lecco (Como) and back on a comfortable bus or car. I wish to ask questions? I’m sure we’ll get along just fine!

There are many reasons to visit the legendary lake of Italy. To tell about the lake Como tour can be very long – not enough for any excursions, except that to write the book. Well, to contemplate its beautiful scenery, which so loved to admire Leonardo da Vinci unique and breathe the freshest air in the world in the foothills of the Alps is endless. Here all most-most.

The deepest

Lake Como, known in Italian also as lake Lario is a lake formed by the melting of a glacier in ancient times, in Lombardy on the Italian mainland in the foothills of the Alps. Its surface area is approximately 146 square kilometres, making it the third largest lake in Italy after lakes Garda and Maggiore. Moreover, lake Como is one of the deepest lakes in Western Europe with a bottom depth up to 400 meters, it is known that its bottom lies 200 meters below sea level.

The most famous

Since Roman times lake Como and its surroundings were known as a popular holiday destination of the Roman aristocracy and the rich.

It is therefore not surprising that in our day Como with towns, villages and cities, such as, for example, Lecco, has become very popular among tourists rushed here not only for active rest and recuperation, but also to familiarize with the most interesting attractions. located in this part of Italy. As the main city of both the region and the shores of lake Lecco, is only half an hour drive from Milan (about 50-55 km from Milan), God himself commanded to visit it to everyone – regardless of whether You come to Milan for shopping or for sightseeing – be sure to visit at least one of the resorts on the shores of the famous lake Como.

The resting place of the most known people

Como at all times was considered a prestigious place of rest, many famous people from past centuries and the modernity loved or love to rest here. For example, Leonardo da Vinci visited the Villa of Serbelloni, and famous for its fashionable Villa Pliniana had such distinguished guests as Byron, Rossini, and even Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Famous contemporaries from their homes on the shores of lake Como have ever had Ronaldinho, the family of Versace, Madonna, George Clooney, Gianni Versace, Sylvester Stallone – if the list is to continue, it can be very impressive. This is definitely the most beautiful lake in Europe and its surroundings are full of attractions that don’t need hype.

What to look for in the first place

On the shores of lake Como has many palaces and villas, such as the famous Villa Carlotta, Villa Olmos, Villa D este, Villa Pliniana and very beautiful Villa Serbelloni built in the fifteenth century, on the spot where in Roman times stood the Villa of the Roman Consul and Imperial legate Pliny.

What to see more?

Attractions and places worth seeing when visiting lake Como in Italy and its environs, just countless. Read more here.


Tours in Lecco, lake Como and other lakes North of Milan
Como, Italy: what to see? If You ask me, I will answer: of course, first of all the lake itself, starting with walking on its coast, which I suggest You…


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