Of the 365 lakes in the capital only eight most pure very popular among the people of Kiev
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Yellowstone Volcano, Wyoming (Canada and USA (mainland)
11km NNW of West Yellowstone, Montana Yellowstone is one of the largest known volcanoes in the world and the largest volcanic system in North America. The volcano is found above…

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Lake States

Lakes located in the U.S.

The most famous lakes in the US – this is the Great lakes, which are connected by the Straits and rivers. The area of these lakes exceeds 245 thousand square kilometers, water volume is more than 22 thousand square kilometers. The great lakes are for the world’s largest group of freshwater lakes. The surface of the lake is from all of the world’s surface fresh water and 21 %. The people of the shores of these lakes received the name “third coast”, after the Pacific and Atlantic. Average lake depth exceeds the depth of the Baltic sea and the North sea.

The system of the Great lakes is the great lakes, in the amount of five pieces, and many smaller ones. The lakes are small Islands, which amounts to thirty five thousand. The largest freshwater lake in the world is Lake superior. The second largest of all the Great lakes is lake Huron. Lake Michigan ’ s fourth largest freshwater lake. The tenth largest freshwater lake– Erie. The smallest largest lake system in the Great lakes – Ontario. Great lakes shipping industry actively developed. The goods are transported by special courts, called “brown truck” or “serniki”, the length of which can reach three hundred meters. They are the largest freshwater vessels in the world. In the Great lakes region on the Niagara river that connects lakes Ontario and Erie and divides the state of new York and Canada, is the famous Niagara falls.

In addition to the Great lakes, there are other unique lakes in the United States . located in different States. In Utah located in the Western hemisphere, the lake – the Great Salt lake. At the lake there is no runoff, so the water is very salty, even more than the sea. The surface area of the lake varies depending on rainfall.

In Alaska there are four large lakes. Lake Bocharova has dimensions 60*24 km It is the second largest lake in Alaska, open Dmitry Bocharov in 1791. Iliamna lake is of glacial-tectonic origin. The lake is fed mainly snow. A popular spot for fishing is the Kenai lake having the shape of the Latin letter ” L “. The lake is located near the Kenai mountains, it originates the river of the same name. On the southern part of the state is bear lake.

In the state of California has many lakes. On the North of the state there is a mountain lake castle. Literally, the name translates as “castle”. The lake is fed by melt water ice. The lake was formed about 10,000 years ago. One of the cleanest in the U.S. – an artificial lake Mendocino, it was formed by a dam on the river. In the salty Mono lake does not live fish. In its waters there are a lot of crustaceans. California’s largest lake, the Salton sea. It is a salty lake with a unique ecosystem. Fresh lake Tahoe was the dwelling place of Indian tribes. It is the second deepest lake in the USA. In the area of this lake are recreational areas and ski resorts. The lake of glacial origin Tina got its name from an Indian chief.

In the state of Oregon has a unique crater lake crater of origin. The lake is known for its clear water, deep blue. It is also famous for a large log that’s been a hundred years floating in a vertical position. Low temperature of the water in the lake allowed the lake to be well preserved. Another lake Oregon was formed by a dam and is called TRILLIUM. The lake is very picturesque and attracts many tourists.

In the state of Nevada lies one of the cleanest lakes – Umagog. The name translates as “shallow water”. The average depth of the lake – 5 meters, in some places reaches 23 meters.

In southern Nevada lies the lake Groom lake in the valley which found deposits of lead and silver.


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