"colorful lake"
Germany About Germany say different. Someone admires the orderliness of life of the Germans, someone allegedly annoying prinesennoy of the country and life on the principle of "step aside". However,…

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Lake Powell - the most beautiful artificial lake in the world
American Arizona attracts tourists primarily for its red rocks, mysterious mirages and, of course, located here is the Grand canyon. But the wonders of nature in Arizona is not limited…

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Lake States
Lakes located in the U.S. The most famous lakes in the US – this is the Great lakes, which are connected by the Straits and rivers. The area of these…

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Briefly about China. Famous landmarks in China

The capital of China – Beijing, the Chinese currency – the yuan. 92% of the population are Chinese, and 8% jury, Uighurs, Miao, Tibetans. Officially China’s population is considered atheist, but many practice Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism.

In China there are lowlands and plains, along the shores of many seas, the highest mountains and highlands, resort areas, famous monasteries, including the legendary Shaolin temple, climbing base on the Eastern slopes of the Himalayas and the Karakoram, picturesque Yunnan-Guijosa plateau with lots of mountain rivers, waterfalls and deep caves, unique Taihu lake and West lake, a scenic mount tai, which is included in the list of UNESCO treasures, a treasure trove of ancient Buddhist art – Dunhuang caves, waterfall Huangoshu 74 m, width 81 m, “stone forest” in the County is an Easy, etc.

The Capital Of China – Beijing . lying to the South of the plateau, Shanxi is one of the most interesting cities in the country. Noteworthy “the Forbidden city”. It is the largest surviving in the world of Palace complexes of the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, is enclosed by a medieval wall and literally full-bodied historical buildings (more than 9 thousand houses). Today in many rooms of the Palace opened the Museum exposition there are exhibited collections of Imperial treasures, watch collection, the oldest samples of colored ceramics, bronzes, jade ware, funerary statues of Emperor Qin shihuan, paintings, carvings, calligraphy and other works of applied art.

In the capital there are great museums Beijing Museum of natural history, the Metropolitan Museum, Military Museum of the Chinese revolution, Museum of applied arts of China in the Department store Baishan, Yanguan Art Museum and many others.

80 km North-West of Beijing are the sections of Badaling, Mutianyu (90 km North) and Simatai (110 km North-East) the great wall of China . built in II-III CC. the total length of which is about 6.8 thousand km the Eastern end of the great wall goes to the Yellow sea near the resort of Beidaihe, which is located 200 km East of the capital. And 17 km South-West of Beidaihe on stretches 52 km. the famous Golden beach, framed by huge sand dunes.

In the ancient city of XI’an is a unique Museum of terracotta figures of warriors and horses from the tomb of the Emperor Consiguen. And about the Zhoukoudian boasts unique archaeological sites listed in the world cultural heritage site – a place of discovery of fossil remains of the earliest forms of man.

Small town Lijiang in Yunnan province was included in the List of UNESCO world heritage sites. The main attraction of the city – street-Sifang square, lined with colorful stone slabs. This is one of the centres of silk and Tea trade routes of antiquity. Hundreds of streams and rivers crossing the city, through which airlifted about 1,000 bridges built in different eras and in different styles give the city a special charm.

Hainan island is one of the best resort areas in East Asia. It is often called the “Hawaii of the East”. Southernmost city of Hainan island – Sanya is recognized as the best seaside resort in China. Here, even in January the daytime temperature does not fall below 20 degrees.

Tibet – distinctive edge thousands of monasteries and ancient culture. In Lhasa there are dozens of Buddhist monasteries and temples, the most famous of which is the temple of Jokhang and Patala Palace (XVII century), residence of the Dalai Lama, and Tibetan Park Norbulingka. This is a summer residential Palace of the Dalai Lama, UNESCO world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 1994 Here is “center of the world” – a mountain range Kailash.


"the largest lake"
Within the area of many rivers belonging to the basins of the Kama, Tobol and Ural. Because here, basically, their upper reaches, they are shallow. Rivers longer than 10 km…


Briefly about China. Famous landmarks in China
The capital of China - Beijing, the Chinese currency - the yuan. 92% of the population are Chinese, and 8% jury, Uighurs, Miao, Tibetans. Officially China's population is considered atheist,…