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The capital of China - Beijing, the Chinese currency - the yuan. 92% of the population are Chinese, and 8% jury, Uighurs, Miao, Tibetans. Officially China's population is considered atheist,…

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The Lake of Garda – free guide for travelers. Trip to lake Garda self

Lake Garda

The most beautiful lake of Italy

Pride of Italy – the most beautiful lake of the country – is located in the North. To him surrounded by the Alps, is low (on average, 2000 meters), but powerful enough to generate a good wind for those who love to sail.

The resort this place has become in the eighteenth century, when wealthy nobles were built on the cliffs, the castles, and those that are simpler villas along the shore. Entertain and today here is not cheap, but all beaches are municipal, local restaurants – always fresh fish and homemade cheese and wine, you can cycle to one of the nearest villages, are scattered a little further from the shore.


In the first half of the day on Garda blows Sauveur – steady, without gusts, the North wind. In the evening it is replaced by the South wind – Ora. The lake formed standing waves-seiches – of the phenomenal phenomenon that occurs due to wind or atmospheric pressure.

In the summer the Garda are going to rest those who can not stand the excruciating heat. The lake is fed mountain glacier, and the water here is never like milk, only in the southern part in August sometimes warms up to +27 C. the Beaches here – a pebbly and silty sand, almost all of them rent umbrellas and sunbeds. Although the lake is ideal for yachting, Windsurfing, Cycling, tourists often come here for a relaxed vacation: lying on the beaches, sipping coffee and watching the fishermen.

The most interesting sights of the lake – Islands. To two small Islands of Dreams and nameless, near the town Malcesine, during a drought can be reached on foot. And the largest – the island of Garda is the Villa, built in Venetian style in the years 1890-1903. Until 2002, the island constantly changed hands, now owned by the family Cavazza and open for tourists. Other Islands average size; this is San Biagio and Rabbit island, where since the XVIII century, came hunting to know.

The city Malcesine is one of the most fashionable resorts on Garda. On a rocky cliff above it rises the Castello Scaligero. built in the XIII century. Known the city and the fact that here was chasing another villain in a James bond film “quantum of solace”. This chase along the picturesque banks of the lake is one of the most beautiful in the history of cinema. And from here it should take the cable car to mount Baldo: a few minutes in the rotating cabin of the ropeway, and you can get into another world: with glaciers, Alpine sparse vegetation, clinging to the cliffs and a great view of the lake.

Another attraction of the Garda underwater sodium-sulfur source Biola (Boiola). It is located on the South shore in the town of Sirmione (Sirmione), where Scaligeri built another castle. Until the late nineteenth century, the source gets into the lake, causing formed on the surface of large bubbles with a strong smell of sulfur. In 1889, to him, summed up the tube that connected the source to the shore and missed 245 liters of healing water with temperature of 63°C per second. Overnight Sirmione has become a popular thermal resort and remains so to this day.

Between Sirmione and Malcesine, in the town of Ronchi, is the most famous Italian amusement Park Gardaland with plenty of rides for children and adults. For fans of the films – there is a Park of Canevaworld, where part of shows and entertainment based on Hollywood blockbusters, and there is a water Park with a tropical island.

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