What is interesting to Russians stay in Vietnam?
Vietnam is the beauty of the natural national parks, many ancient temple complexes, tasty and healthy food, almost European resorts and the cheapest diving in the world. In this country…

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Braslau lakes
National Park "Braslav lakes" is situated in the Northwest of the Republic of Belarus, 250 km from Minsk, with an area of about 70 hectares. It was created in August…

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Cottage village Oryol to buy land, a suburban area in Orlovskiy
Pricing from 140 000 rubles per one hundred square meters Kazan, the settlement Oryol . if the artist's brush, inscribed in the local landscape, carefully preserving every tree, growing on…

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Cottage village GREEN HILLS of St. Petersburg. The Village Of Toksovo. Lake. The area

Cottage village “Green hills” is located on the banks of the Okhta river in the area Kavgolovskie reserve, in the village Syargi, offering panoramic views of the Commandant’s and Cross the mountains and is a Great springboard.

The surrounding area Toksovo considered to be one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places of the Leningrad region. Forests abounding in mushrooms and berries, forest, winding rivers and pristine lakes spring – like nature itself invites you to forget about everyday worries and enjoy the tranquility and the stunning beauty of the landscape. Every day spent in this Paradise, filled with fresh strength and vitality.

The name of the mountain – Puntusova is associated with the Livonian war in 1581 at the top of this stood the camp of the Swedish army under the command of Pontus de La Gardie. There is still possible to discern the remains of the fortifications. Then after suffering a defeat from Ivan the terrible, the Swedes are back in 1600 and stayed here until the time of Peter. Burnt in the great Northern war wooden Lutheran Church was soon replaced by a new, also wooden, and in 1885 erected a stone Church, which many consider the most beautiful in Ingermanland. And in 1995, High on the mountain was built the Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael.

Toksovo famous cross-country skiing: there are regularly held competitions on national and international levels, collecting participants nearly from all over the world. In 2003 it hosted the seventh world Cup ski racing. It is planned to open high-speed sled racing.

Unique natural conditions Toksovo allow maximum fullness and comfort to spice up summer and winter activities. Adjacent to the village forest, near which is the famous aviary bison and a “glade of fairy tales”. Close – ski resorts “Okhta-Park”, “eagle mountain” and “North slope”, providing all the conditions for summer and winter holidays.

Probably many remember from childhood fun, hectic trips to Toksovo for compulsory school “health day”. Went here as a family on Sundays.

And now in a good winter day Petersburgers specially come in Toksovo – a breath of fresh frosty air and relax on countless hills of Toksovo, thanks to which this region was once called St. Petersburg Switzerland. Recently skiers on the slopes and descents being squeezed more and more snowboarders.

In addition to winter recreation, Russian bath-house is known for its Golf course and many other innovations that make the Park an attractive tourist destination not only in winter but in summer.

Briefly about China. Famous landmarks in China
The capital of China - Beijing, the Chinese currency - the yuan. 92% of the population are Chinese, and 8% jury, Uighurs, Miao, Tibetans. Officially China's population is considered atheist,…


The Most dangerous lake on earth (photos)
Beautiful, mesmerizing and alluring water surface can often be very dangerous. So, if you are going on another vacation on the shores of the reservoir, remember that many of them…