The Lake of Garda – free guide for travelers. Trip to lake Garda self
Lake Garda The most beautiful lake of Italy Pride of Italy – the most beautiful lake of the country – is located in the North. To him surrounded by the…

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The Lake of Garda – free guide for travelers. Trip to lake Garda self
Lake Garda The most beautiful lake of Italy Pride of Italy – the most beautiful lake of the country – is located in the North. To him surrounded by the…

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Different lakes of Italy

What is so attracted by the resorts on the lakes? First of all, crystal clear fresh water. Secondly, the charming scenery of the majestic Alps to the fruit groves. Thirdly, the richness of choice, because such bodies of water in Italy more than a thousand. Another reason lies in the fact that most lakes resort are located near large cities, which means that calm rest you can always swap the noise of the streets. Do not forget that all the benefits of these places, people have realized in the days of Ancient Rome. so everything needed for an unforgettable vacation there.

Pre-Alpine lake

Located not far from Milan and Verona to the scenic places of the Alps. Around old trees, vineyards, orange and olive orchards. On the background of the scenery here and there visible of the old manor. And in all this splendor is hidden a small and very cozy resort towns and villages.

The most famous lakes – Garda, Maggiore and Como. On their shores are havens of serenity – the Alps are not allowed in the valley of the strong wind, and thus developed a pleasant, comfortable climate. From may to October, the temperature does not rise above +28, however, the heat or the heat is not felt.

Garda – the largest lake in Italy. Its resorts are ideal for those who prefer relaxed vacation, are spending the holidays with children or wants to improve their health in thermal springs. Everyone can learn diving, Windsurfing, water skiing. Surrounded by theme parks, interesting sights. The most famous resort of Sirmione.

Maggiore is located on the border with Switzerland. In addition to beach lovers it attracts fans of Golf and Hiking. Of the attractions is the archipelago of the Borromeo, ancient villas, Botanical gardens. Experienced travelers suggest that you definitely try the local cuisine, specializing in fish dishes. Popular resorts such as Stresa, Verbania, Intra.

On lake Como I like to build and buy villas celebrities. And yet there making a film. These places appeared in the films “Star wars”, “Casino Royale”, “the Twelve, ocean’s,” and others. Great views, observe which you can climb one of the mountains on the funicular, complement the ancient churches and basilicas, palaces, castles.

Volcanic lake

Is the Caldera of extinct volcanoes. The names of Bolsena, Nemi, Bracciano and Albano, a well-known resident of Rome. It was here that they liked to rest since time immemorial. Today, this situation has not changed. Except that ancient and medieval buildings turned into tourist attractions, and on the shores of the lakes increased hotels and other resort buildings. This place for his summer residence and chosen by the Vatican.

The list of things to do on the volcanic resorts, similar to the pre-Alpine. Plus the fact that the beaches, water sports, Cycling and excursions can be combined with a cultural program in Rome.

Lagoon lake

Separated from the sea by a small strip of land. They are self-contained ecosystems, so environmentalists are carefully preserved and have been studied intensively by scientists. Relax they are not made, but you can ask on a tour, as some species of birds, animals and fish live in Italy only here. This also applies to trees. Among these protected sites are lake Varano, Lesina, Valli di Comacchio and others.

Choosing a holiday on the lakes of Italy. be prepared to be among the small group who came from Russia. In our country this direction is only gaining momentum. Although, who said it was bad?

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