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"Gagra – lake Riza - Pitsunda" Tour duration: 8 to 12 hours. Cost: Adults-350 rubles. Additional charges: Optional excursions – 1050 rubles. environmental gathering in island Ritz. • the First…

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Different lakes of Italy
What is so attracted by the resorts on the lakes? First of all, crystal clear fresh water. Secondly, the charming scenery of the majestic Alps to the fruit groves. Thirdly,…

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How Much freshwater is in lake Baikal
Baikal and freshwater Unique lake. Where is the largest freshwater supply in the world? Most are familiar with the geography and ecology of the people will answer without hesitation —…

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What are the biggest lakes in the world – the Best magazine online

The largest lakes of Russia

In diameter parts giant is inferior to the Tule Tree in Mexico: measurement 2005 diameter — 11,62 m. About his age and the number of stems scholars still argue, but green giant has long made the list of UNESCO.

The largest animal in the world

The largest land animal currently living on the planet is the savanna elephant (this is often referred to as the African elephant). The largest buck registered weighed more than 12 tons. Mostly males weigh about 5 tons, and females are much smaller — up to 3 tons. Elephants live up to 65-70 years.

However, the absolute palm among animals belongs to the whales. The blue whale (aka bluwal, blue whale) grows up to 33 meters in length, are the largest members of the species have a lot 150-175 tons. It lives in different regions of the World ocean (area not studied), lives approximately 80-110 years old.

The tallest building in the world

Among the higher buildings, ever built is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (Dubai tower).

The building height of 828 meters consists of 163 floors and rushed to the clouds sharp spire. The official opening of the skyscraper took place in 2010, January 4, accompanied by grandiose light show.

Earlier record height among the buildings belonged to the Warsaw radio tower (646,38 meters) that fell in 1991, and “growth” is built skyscrapers did not exceed 530 feet.

This ancient lake is formed 20-30 million years ago by tectonic shifts. Fresh and clean water in the lake is maintained by two factors. First, it is home to the endemic Baikal epishura – microscopic crustacean that filters a huge number of algae and bacteria. In addition, most of the watershed of lake Baikal supported by craggy rocks. Thus, the flow of water towards the lake is almost in contact with the sediment and minerals. This oligotrophic lake, and its water has an excellent drinking quality.

The hottest lake in Kamchatka Fumarole. The average temperature of water in it plus 50 degrees Celsius. Secret hot natural “baths” is that the lake warms up the nearby volcano Uzon.


The largest lake of fresh water – lake Baikal. Its area is 31479 square kilometers. Also Baikal is the deepest in the world – 1637 meters. It is a mountain lake framed by mountain ranges, fed by over three hundred rivers and streams. The largest is the Selenga, she adds half a year’s supply of water in the lake. But flows out of Baikal, only one river – the Angara.

The lake is located on the territory of three African countries — Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

The lake has a rich history and many mysteries of nature that attracts huge number of tourists from all over the world.

The enormous Nile river originates from Victoria, it is noteworthy that the lake is literally teeming with crocodiles, a liking to him as their refuge.

9. Big bear lake is located on the 9th step of the rating of the largest lakes on the planet.

It is located at 185 meters above sea level, between 118 and 123 degrees Western longitude, and 65 and 67 degrees of Northern latitude, on the Arctic circle. Big bear lake is the largest in Canada and fourth largest on the continent.

The second largest lake in Africa – Tanganyika: on the depth and area one of the largest bodies in the world, second only to the Baikal, but at the same time is considered and the longest lake on the planet. An area of Tanganyika is almost 33 square kilometers, and the maximum depth of 1470 meters. This lake is centered about 18% of the world’s fresh water. Lake Tanganyika is shared by four African States – Tanzania, Zambia, Congo and Burundi. To swim in the lake – a pleasure: the average water temperature is always kept at 25 degrees Celsius.

Third place in the list of the largest lakes of Africa is Malawi, or Nyasa – its depth is 706 meters high, and covers an area of almost 30 thousand square kilometers. Here concentrated about 7% of the world’s fresh water (Malawi is considered the ninth largest among the largest freshwater lakes in the world). The Europeans discovered the “African sea” comparatively recently – in the second half of the XIX century thanks to the Scottish expedition of the famous traveler and Explorer David Livingstone.

Occupied an area of 371 000 km2



In lake Matheson . located on the South island and is also known as Mirror lake . you can see reflections of mount cook and mount Tasman . It is best to visit the lake right after sunrise, when the water is calm and the reflection is incredibly perfect. It is also worth to explore the lake itself. You can Park at the suspension bridge of the river Cleawater and pass the ring road past the trees kahikatea and Rome, characterized by very high and thick trunks of fancy tops.

Bled lake, Slovenia

To admire the most breathtaking lake in Slovenia, head to Bled castle . located on the edge of a 140 meter high cliffs. From this point the mountains are visible from all directions, such as the Julian Alps and the Karavanke mountain range . and at the bottom is Alpine lake and the main attraction, bled island . a small ring of forest, which is home to the Church of the assumption, and a prominent clock tower in the Baroque style. At the lake you can take a boat to the island. The mountains protect the water from icy Northern winds, and so lake bled is warm enough. If you get in the cold period, it is possible to head to the Northern part of the lake, where there are three hotels with pools, built around natural hot springs.

Rest in Sochi, transport services: car rental, car rent in Sochi
"Gagra – lake Riza - Pitsunda" Tour duration: 8 to 12 hours. Cost: Adults-350 rubles. Additional charges: Optional excursions – 1050 rubles. environmental gathering in island Ritz. • the First…


Cottage village GREEN HILLS of St. Petersburg. The Village Of Toksovo. Lake. The area
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