Cottage village Oryol to buy land, a suburban area in Orlovskiy
Pricing from 140 000 rubles per one hundred square meters Kazan, the settlement Oryol . if the artist's brush, inscribed in the local landscape, carefully preserving every tree, growing on…

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Man and the world. Grade 3. Reservoirs. The land of blue rivers and lakes
The outline of the lesson on the subject "Man and world". Grade 3 Topic: Bodies Of Water. The land of blue rivers and lakes Lesson objectives: — to form an…

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Famous lake van
Interestingly, the van lake also called the sea of Van. This basin is an endorheic salt lake located to the South of the Armenian highland, it is located in the…

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Koggala. Description of the resort, popular for relaxation, the beaches

Koggala – map of location of hotels

Koggala – peace, beautiful nature and gorgeous beaches.

The small resort of Koggala stretching along wide, sandy beaches in the South of the island of Sri Lanka. This tropical Paradise with Golden Sands, slender coconut palms and stunning scenery meets tourists with traditional Sri Lankan hospitality. Koggala is a quite pleasant town, where the pace of life remains unchanged for centuries.

Wonderful nature.

Amazingly peaceful place. Beautiful lagoon with rock Islands, mangroves, unusual singing of exotic birds, beautiful Koggala lake attracts many nature lovers. The lake deserves special attention – it is the largest one on the island, such a pristine environmental refuge a few hundred meters from the resort. The islets scattered across the lake, ideal for bird watching and admiring the unique sunset. Interesting place to visit are the Buddhist monasteries situated on several Islands, however, to visit there advance coordination. Beautiful turquoise lagoons are just a couple of miles from the city is dotted with small Islands surrounded by mangroves, they are teeming with life: here you can see not only birds, but also lizards. The best way to explore unique places on a motor boat or catamaran. And you can agree with someone local and go with them to fish. By the way about fishing. The indigenous people involved in her traditional manner: sitting on the sticks, which requires a lot of skill and technique. This method is practiced only in Sri Lanka.

Alternatively, you can rent a Bicycle (or tuk tuk) on country roads to go around the lake.

The wonderful beaches.

But come to Koggala yet for a beach holiday. The beaches here are lovely: Golden clean sand ideal for long walks along the beach, you can walk to the next bays of Ahangama and Midigama. Koggala is famous and as one of the best places on the island for surfing.

Luxury hotels.

Above the Bank in a number of hotels lined up, and near small shops, are quite suitable for everyday purchases. Little beach restaurants offer fresh seafood in addition to breathtaking views of the picturesque Bay.

Other attractions in Koggala.

On the edge of Koggala is a small turtle hatchery opened in 1996. There they buy turtle eggs from fishermen, in an attempt to keep them from poaching and selling eggs to restaurants. In a special floating incubators care about newborn turtles and then release the babies into the ocean.

Interesting to visit the famous tea plantations or in the spice garden. Sri Lanka is famous for its spices and the southern province produces the best cinnamon in the world.

In the town is recommended to visit the Museum, named for the famous writer Martin Wickramasinghe. Actually it is open in the house where for many years lived and worked author.

Why come to Koggala on hotelih?

To Koggala is to come. Here you can find a secluded stretch of beach and count him as their own, to try to meditate together with the hermits on the island, walking in surrounding villages, to exchange smiles with the locals, admire the birds and to inhale aroma of tropical wildflowers, to hold baby turtles and release them into the ocean I. just relax and enjoy the peace.

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