"beautiful lake"
Rotorua Rotorua is a charming town about 3-4 hours drive from Auckland, situated in the center geothermal active areas of New Zealand. Characteristic signs Rotorua emerald green of the surrounding…

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Rest in Sochi, transport services: car rental, car rent in Sochi
"Gagra – lake Riza - Pitsunda" Tour duration: 8 to 12 hours. Cost: Adults-350 rubles. Additional charges: Optional excursions – 1050 rubles. environmental gathering in island Ritz. • the First…

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"the famous lake"
Bolivia GENERAL INFORMACIJU ABOUT THE COUNTRY Capital: La Paz, the actual capital of Bolivia (according to the Constitution the capital city is Sucre) Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, etc.…

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Lithuania, tours in Lithuania from Kiev, the prices with discounts up to 25%

Lithuania – it is a soft climate, air, saturated with pine aroma, clean beach area, white sand, quiet streets. A similar combination of climate and of the level of service has Poland. Tours in Lithuania-the Baltic sea, with its world – renowned wealth “Lithuanian gold”, as used to call the tourists of amber scattered along its shores. Tours in Lithuania-the Baltic is a picturesque scenery and well maintained beaches. Tours in Lithuania – an acquaintance with a remarkably well-preserved medieval buildings and architectural ensembles. Lithuania – is a historic alleys of Vilnius, craft fair of kazukas, the folk life Museum of Rumsiskes, nature reserve Curonian spit, Trakiyski castle. Lithuania – this is a huge number of national parks and nature reserves. The most popular Lithuanian parks: national Park of the Curonian spit, Žemaitija national Park, Aukstaiciu national Park, dzūkija national Park , national historical Park of Trakai and others. If You love parks, You might want also to get a discount on tours to France. where is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, port CROs, or tours in Croatia. where there are magnificent national Park Plitvice lakes.

The Lithuanian resorts – it’s beaches, most of which are holders of the global standard of purity. The Lithuanian resorts – it’s pristine nature and unforgettable sea views. The most popular resorts of Lithuania: Neringa, Palanga. The most famous Spa resorts of Lithuania: Druskininkai, Palanga, birštonas.

The most popular sights of Lithuania:

Vilnius: Upper castle,Gediminas Castle, the town wall with its gates of dawn, Church of St. Michael, the Church of St. Casimir, Church of St. Peter and Paul, the house Oginski, town hall, amber Museum, Artillery Bastion and many others. etc.

Kaunas: Kaunas castle, the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, the house of Perkunas, the Palace of Prince Masalskoe, the Church of the Jesuits, etc.

Rest on the lakes of Lithuania:

Lithuania – a country that is proud of its numerous lakes. The shore of any of them has beautiful beaches, and the surrounding area – hotels. Lake of Lithuania – this amazing nature and exciting fishing. The most famous lakes of Lithuania, drūkšiai, Dubingiai, Tauranga, Zuvintas, Trakai lake, Angelinskiy lake and many others.

The beautiful lake is in Ukraine. So, the most popular of them is lake Svityaz and Synevyr lake. To visit these wonderful places with discounts to rest on Shatskikh lakes or on holiday in Transcarpathia.

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