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The Lake Khasan region


On the territory of Khasansky district in Primorsky region the large number of lakes. Most of them are small and small, each with its own fish fauna. Lake Hassan draws primarily fishing enthusiasts.


Almost all of the lake Khasan region shallow, overgrown in summer, aquatic plants, among which the main thing – the noble Lotus. There are in the district and lake shores-the floaters, which resembles the movement on the unstable raft.

From the great lakes Khasan district scroll to the bird lake (Talmi) – lake with brackish water. This is followed by the lake: Nina (Sakau), spring, Swan, lake, Marble, Lotus, Hassan as Well (near the village the village belyankino), Salty (near Kraskino) and many more.

Small in size the lake is also very attractive, including for fishing in Primorye . In the valley of the river Floodplain (the River, in the direction of Ryazanovka) there are several floodplain lakes are rich in carp, and one large lake, known to the fishermen. In the valley of the river Smooth (Sangari), Sukhanovsky the pass, there also are several lakes, which are home to carp and snakehead.

Good fishing and near the village Andreevka. Many small lakes and near the river Karasik.

Lake Bird

Bird lake (formerly Talmi) is the largest lake Khasan district and the second largest in Primorsky Krai. During the floods exchanges water with the river Foggy. The lake is reported through channels to the sea, so the water has a salty taste, the tides. Lake shoreline is highly indented, the lake has two small Islands and two large Bay.

The bird lake is shallow, its depth not exceeding 1.5 meters. The fish fauna of the lake includes 17 fish species, both freshwater and marine. In the lake in large numbers usual carp, snakehead, summer comes fry of roach, pilengas. Lake bird removed from human settlements, contains a large number of small fish and aquatic insects, these factors attract the lake a large number of waterfowl. Bird lake in fine weather is visible from the hill near the lake.

Lake Nina

Lake Nina (Sakau) is a romantic and hidden away corner of nature, located near the railway line leading to Hassan. On the Eastern shore of the lake there is a small woods, very beautiful, the leaves of young oaks and lime trees here reach a size of 40 centimeters.

Lake Nina in the summer of densely overgrown by aquatic vegetation. A unique lake is a floating island that over the last 10 years twice changed its position, moving at hundreds of meters. Lake fragile and floating, is a dense carpet of dead plants, from which in early summer germinate irises. To move on such a surface unsafe. The depth of the lake Zarechny up to 2.0 meters. On the lake the Lotus blooms. Fish in the lake there is carp, snakehead and catfish. Carp lake Nina is large, from 400 grams to 3 kilograms.

Swan Lake

The river is called Karasik, and a lake to the right and there is Swan lake. This lake is home to carp, snakehead, catfish. Spring in these places is spring hunting of ducks flying North. The lake, although it is large, small, its depth less than 1 meter. In winter the lake freezes to the bottom. Ichthyologists counted in Swan lake, 18 species of fish, both river and sea with the setting. The river Karasik and Swan lake are quite high, dry and comfortable both for camp and for fishing.

Lake marble

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