Individual tours in Lake Titicaca (Peru) from the tourist company Turbinaria. An unforgettable holiday from a leading tour operator
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Dangerous lake Land - Portal life news
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The biggest lake in Ukraine, Svityaz

I had to go about three hours with several stops. The first two hours sitting, then standing in the heat, napryazhno, of course, but not so important, because after the arrival we so to say half a day of rest, we will not have to go just to relax on the lake and all.

We arrived at the station shack, I learned that the bus to Brest is at 8:00 am and went to the turn to Svityaz. The bus arrived almost immediately and we ten minutes were already in place. Coming to a stop I shook my head no, I asked people where the lake, they said to turn around and it was behind me.

It is the largest lake of Ukraine and the entrance of the Seven natural wonders of our country. I’m not a fan of beach holidays and lying on the shore I can’t stand. But here after tired was not opposed to the afternoon. Besides I was pleasantly surprised the water here, it is very warm and clean. Even at a depth on the neck, (and my height is 190), you can clearly see your feet, not like on the Dnieper, on the knee and has already gone all or the sea in some places. Another feature is that at least in this part of the lake for a very long time gaining depth. Need to go one hundred meters to be at least waist-deep. If you are with kids then I think it is wonderful plus.

Had a lot of people like youth and children. Enough of Belarusians, because to the border here, too, a stone’s throw from Brest a lot of people here on weekends to relax. On the beach were even bio toilets and a lifeguard. However for the last I’m not sure how much he would save man in which case, because basically he was lying in his booth, not really fit in with the image from the TV series “Baywatch”. But even so. Directly opposite the beach, lots of food stands and cafes where you can have from a hot dog and beer, to buy up to a full dinner. Also just passed there are a couple of shops where everything is already substantially cheaper, we skopeliti there of course.

There is all the fun of the sea, catamarans, scooters, boats, slides and so on. In General, as the sea, only quieter, cleaner water and probably will be cheaper. So if I were to choose between the rest in some village on the Black sea or lake Svityaz we would give preference to him, because I liked it more here. Towards the evening people was not enough. We were going to spend the night right on the beach in sleeping bags. Originally thought just on the beach to lie, but decided to go to some less crowded place. Found this in a corner, close to the beach. There leads a little path and then there is the chuseok shore where and will fit up to four people to sleep there. To us it seemed at the time and we are there to spread themselves. It was already ten in the evening.

Day people in this side I have not seen, but apparently at night the place becomes very popular. So we didn’t have time to go see how that is worth any two guys, then they left. After half an hour came back, looked and left. In the end, late at night I woke up because one of them walked past us and took something from the bushes.

As they left began to run along the shore with some idiot for probably half an hour of loud splashing water. With grief in half I fell asleep at hour of the night. Pleased except that the starry sky that looks unbelievably good in this place.

This left the rest on Svityaz and overnight. Except for people that hurt at night then everything is fine. The place is truly beautiful, and if you love beach holidays then you should definitely come here.

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