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The First rock. A trip to the lake of Yastrebino – October 1, 2015 – the Club of mountaineers and climbers – voenmeh

I’m still new to climbing and tried to climb only on climbing walls, so it was very interesting to try what it’s like to climb on real rocks. Trip to lake hawk gave me the opportunity to feel it and to experience for yourself.

The road to the lake is quite far. Leaving in the evening from St. Petersburg, we went to the side of Karelia. A few hours on the train, which, by the way, passed quite unnoticed by me, because he was passionate about – the guys showing how to tie knots on the rope. Further from the railway station we were expected by Forging a road in the dark to camp on the lake. About 12-13 miles. This road runs through the village Forge, then through the quarry, where rushing past you in a big machine – BelAZ filled with sand. At the end of career starts the most interesting part of the path to the lake – Ho Chi Minh trail (“Hoshimina”). About this trail there are numerous entries on the Internet. Honestly, she did not just read about it and wanted it to go. And here wishes come true, as they say. The trail passes through a marshy area, so it’s best to stock up on rubber boots or what is not sorry. I don’t envy the guys who walked in the Shoe – in some places this trail leg ankle quietly went into the dirt. The guys who went later from St. Petersburg in General we can say that no luck – their way through the trail at night was accompanied by rain. However, this road didn’t stop all the newcomers reached the end – to camp alpkluba “Voenmekh”, who, incidentally, is located on nearby lake – a lake of Light. Tired, but very happy, drank tea, went to sleep on tents).

The next morning was very pleasant – still a little warm rays of autumn sun broke through the treetops, illuminating us with bright colors of nature: yellow-green-red trees; moss cover the rocky surfaces of the earth; the sea large bushes of blueberries, which were tasty black berries, cranberries and mushrooms. Honestly haven’t seen such abundance of nature’s gifts, probably since his childhood.

After Breakfast and collecting the equipment, we went to the lake of Yastrebino, the rocky massifs of “Parnassus”, “Mirror”, “Snake”, etc. Tour along the lake was sufficient original – a small traverse along the lakeshore, so to speak, to warm up before climbing. It was a little scary to go that route. Fear was the fact that none of the newcomers did not want to swim in the cool water of the lake. But no one swam, the road passed safely. You could even say that we are beginners in this route were more stimulated, and we wanted to climb, so more and more))) Before lunch we were on the rocks, studied to climb. Of course, we still did not really work. The first fear in front of these rocks, the first from the panic that still do not know where to put the feet that hold hands on a rock. The first small victory – still managed to dolezt to the top of the rocks))) Feeling completely different than in the gym. Rock – it’s not rock, where all the clues are visible and painted in different colors))) We climbed, despite the fact that we had hands bruised, a little beaten up legs, someone legs were aching from climbing shoes, someone tired hands. Many people would say that we are loonies and masochists and just decided to slowly samoubijtsa, but it awakened in us greater interest in this lesson.

After lunch we went to the stone voenmech, which is located near the camp. Of course, it tracks a large enough complexity, and we, as newcomers, they’d climbed, but we were taught Zumanity. Quite interesting, but complicated).

After dark, the climbing stopped. We had dinner, rest, sitting by the fire. The day was very busy, and we still expect the next day on the rocks. A lovely quiet night in the woods with a clear starry sky and a big bright moon that lit our camp with its light.

The next day was Sunny weather without rain, and we spent it on another rock «Spartacus» on the Bright lake. If you climb this massif, it offers a wonderful view of the lake, the autumn landscape is simply mesmerizing with their bright colors.

Climbed on this day we not much, because after lunch we had to pack up and move back to St. Petersburg. Ago the road passed again through the familiar path of Ho Chi Minh, but in daylight. Now going through it I could see a small stream that we crossed, the lake by which it would travel some path. And that night, and we are already sitting in the train, tired but very happy from the trip. Now we are waiting for the new rookies out on the rocks.

Conclusion: if you’re a beginner, you definitely need to go to such a trip. You need to experience the beauty of real rocks. If you can safely climb is not exactly easy routes, then test yourself on real rocks!))) My advice to all newcomers is go on the rocks, try to pass the track. If not, then try again and again))))

In conclusion, I would like to say a big thank you senior guys from alpkluba “voenmech”. Thanks to everyone who went on 25-27 September on “Big rocks” on the lake of Yastrebino.


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