What is interesting to Russians stay in Vietnam?
Vietnam is the beauty of the natural national parks, many ancient temple complexes, tasty and healthy food, almost European resorts and the cheapest diving in the world. In this country…

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What is interesting to Russians stay in Vietnam?

Vietnam is the beauty of the natural national parks, many ancient temple complexes, tasty and healthy food, almost European resorts and the cheapest diving in the world. In this country our people can reminisce about the bygone times of developed socialism, as it has its own leader in the mausoleum, the pioneers in ties and flag, very similar to the one we had recently. No doubt, if Vietnam was located closer to the Central regions of Russia, our tourists more often visit this country. After all, the disadvantages of these territories could be considered only a long period, and therefore not very cheap flights. In the rest of Vietnam – solid advantages for the traveler: qualitative and extensive hotel base, wonderful beaches with plenty of opportunities for active pastime, fun and exotic excursions.

About the country

This state is referred to as one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. Its coastline is about 3.5 thousand km In the East of the land of Viet Nam washes of Tonkin, and the South-West – Siamese bays, in the Southeast – South China sea. About 90% of the population is Vietnamese. Besides them there are the Khmer, Chinese, Cham, Thai and numerous hill tribes. The country is administratively divided into 58 provinces, there are 3 cities of Central subordination (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Hai Phong).

The climate for rest

In this country there is no abrupt temperature jumps, for example, in April it can be +29, and in December, 26 degrees. In Northern Vietnam the climate is close to subtropical, hot season here is may–October (up to +33), cool – November to April (+15+23). In the South reign the tropical monsoons, and therefore almost all the year round temperature here is quite stable (about +29). In Vietnam humid, every year it drops to about 2000 mm of precipitation.

The resorts of the country

The most famous tourist center of this country is Hanoi. There are beautiful lakes, wide green boulevards, exotic temples. The most visited sights – Opera House, One Pillar pagoda, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Citadel-Hanoi, Temple of Literature Virmire.

Da Nang is the fourth largest city in the country. Here you will find miles of sandy beaches (here you can swim from may to July). 35 km from the town is the longest cableway in the world, which stretched from the top of the mountain Wong Nguyen to the base of a nearby hill At BA.

In the South of Vietnam lies the largest city of the country – Ho Chi Minh city. He is very actively constructed in recent time, so many find in it a similarity to the Bangkok and Singapore. However, the city has not lost its flavor, retaining a number of historic sites and monuments. Here oddly modern Western culture and ancient Vietnamese tradition.

Popular among tourists and Nha Trang, with its coral reefs, white sandy beaches and a multitude of lost Islands, and Phan Thiet, ideal for a relaxing family beach holiday, and the island resort of Phu Quoc island, is particularly popular among divers, and the Bay, been recognized by UNESCO as one of the wonders of the world, and the island of con Dao, the nature of which is truly picturesque and protected.

Vietnamese cuisine

Interestingly, although the Vietnamese food is virtually “omnivorous” (evidenced in, say, fried grasshoppers), it is also very healthy with all its complexity. It is based on noodles, rice, spices, seafood. Most of the dishes are seasoned with octoober fish sauce “nuoc-mam”. From drinks the locals prefer green tea, though the coffee here is considered very good quality. In da lat made a very nice red and white wine.

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