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Dangerous lake

In Achinsk the acres of land flooded alkali. At the Alumina refinery has been a rush of slurry storage. Local residents fear that waste from the company will fall into the Chulym river, which supplies the city with water. The place was visited by Svetlana Ovsyannikova.

A few days ago this rusty lake was not here. With one coast-road, with another &ndash Achinsk alumina refinery. The accident occurred on one of the slurry storage devices. Hydraulic structure were simply broken.

From here to highway M-53 just a few meters. And, I guess, if it started snowing hard, the road is the rusty lake-no one could not notice.

It all happened a week ago. At night on the first of February. Locals claim: through the mountain of waste sludge from the alumina plant then flowed a great river. Now everything is frozen. And most people fear for the Chulym river. It is very close. In fact, supplies water to the entire city.

– Here now all the fish are gone from the Chulym river, went above, where the cleaner.

I have long been a danger all around. Cool – not cool, and the accident occurred.

– There will be a flood, it’s all in the river will go straight into the Chulym, my friends.

As explained at the enterprise, burst pipe, which on the surface takes the production waste: sludge and alkaline solution. While at the plant, flooded pump station. However, now the situation is under control.

Alexey Chashchin, Director of manufacturing co., LTD organized people, arrived at the scene by all participating leaders. We have gathered enough people and responded quickly to the situation&rdquo.

In the public Council of Achinsk on ecology has already passed an emergency meeting. Eduard Mishiev says: local authorities assure that the risk to the city rush is not. But the Council still has a different opinion. Poured still the lye. Safe for all around it may be only in a test tube or flask.

Eduard Mishiev, a member of the public Council on ecology Achinsk: anything good to say, of course. And week the company is given on the provision of the project, and that it never happens again&rdquo.

The district Prosecutor’s office have already been checking on unauthorized discharge of process waters from the sludge fields. According to authorities, the volume of the resulting rusty lake is about 17 thousand cubic meters.

Elena Pimonenko, the senior assistant Prosecutor of the Krasnoyarsk territory of the prosecution in this case to verify compliance with applicable environmental legislation and on the safety of hydraulic structures taking into account the fact that the accident occurred on shlamoprovoda and to establish whether there is any negative impact on the environment, and if so, will decide on measures to minimize the negative impact&rdquo.

The results of calibration must show: how and how much leakage may affect the soil and the river, and the possibly unintended consequences for residents of Achinsk.


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Dangerous lake
In Achinsk the acres of land flooded alkali. At the Alumina refinery has been a rush of slurry storage. Local residents fear that waste from the company will fall into…