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Travel Germany for all lovers of travel


Travel Germany

Germany is a country with rich history, great culture and unique traditions. Famous half-timbered houses and medieval stone castles, historic towns and charming villages, crystal clear lakes and amazing waterfalls, beautiful countryside of the black forest, the majestic peaks of the Bavarian Alps, beer festivals, famous outlets – all this and more You will see by visiting one of the most interesting countries of Western Europe.

The terrain and climate

From North to South, the country rises as if from the bottom up: from lowlands to high snowy mountain peaks, where the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The climate in Germany is temperate, in the North-West – sea, in the center continental. In winter the temperature usually does not fall below -5°C, and frosty Christmas is a rarity. Summer in Germany is not hot, the average July temperature is +20 °C. it Rains mostly in spring and autumn.

How to get

From Moscow to Germany fly regular flights to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, düsseldorf, Hannover, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The flight duration from Moscow to Germany (above the city) – 2.5-3.5 hours. Cheap in Germany you can go in spring and autumn. During the periods of Christmas holidays and summer holidays the prices on tickets increase.


Travel Germany famous for ancient castles, Gothic and Baroque cathedrals, national parks and museums. The most famous picture gallery in Dresden. It contains unique paintings by masters of the Renaissance and Baroque. Located in Munich’s Alte Pinakothek is one of the most extensive collections of European painting in the world.

The Capital Of Germany – Berlin . Destruction of the Berlin wall, the symbol of the unification of the country, is the main attraction of the city. Also worth a visit two famous Boulevard: the kurfürstendamm with expensive boutiques and Unter den Linden Boulevard with its many cafes.

Economic center of Germany – Stuttgart . the main city of Baden-württemberg. It is called the birthplace of the automotive industry, as here in XIX century was invented the world’s first self-propelling carriage. But Hamburg is not like other major German cities. For industrial and shopping centre it is surprisingly picturesque, indeed, a significant part of its territory is occupied by parks, squares, canals and lakes.

For tourists of particular interest are the old German cities: Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bremen, lübeck, Constance… Trips to Germany always include a fascinating tour of these cities. And of course, no trip to Germany is not complete without visiting the famous castles, among the most beautiful are: Neuschwanstein castle, stolzenfels castle, the Open ELZ and Sigmaringen.


Why Germany is so popular with tourists? Here everyone can find entertainment to your taste! Germany today offers a variety of opportunities for recreation. Ski resorts located in the Bavarian Alps and the black forest. And in the summer you can go to lake Constance or to the hot springs. Two of the thermal Spa of Germany, known to all Russian classics and postcards of the early twentieth century that Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden . However, in recent years the popularity of has found another Spa resort bad Krozingen . and it is often included in tours to Germany.

Kitchen and restaurants

German cuisine is famous for its variety and satiety. Its basis – the vegetables and meat. German schnitzels, steaks, chops, sausages, sausages with a variety of side dishes are loved all over the world. Sweet most popular fruit salads and mousses. From soft drinks – coffee with milk. From low-alcohol – beer. Often tours in Germany include visits to Breweries and tastings of delicious beer.

Prices in restaurants with local and foreign cuisine are about the same, but it is worth considering that “German” portions, as a rule, more than usual. Gratuities are not included in the account. It is customary to leave 10% of the invoice amount.

Buy in Germany

The trip to Germany will bring You not only great experience, but also appreciate bargains. In Berlin You can visit Europe’s largest Department store KaDeWe, covering an area of 43 000 sq. m. And in Germany more than a thousand outlets selling discounted designer things. It is most advantageous to buy goods in Germany in the sales season – from late January to early February and from late July to early August.

Taxis and car rental

Taxi in Germany is widespread. The fare, on average, one kilometer ranges from 2-2,5 euros. If You have a driver’s license of international standard, it is possible to take a car. However, today Germany is refusing a large number of vehicles on the roads. The priority means of transportation is the Bicycle that can be rented in any city.

We offer a variety of tours to Germany. sightseeing tours, shopping tours, leisure in the thermal and ski resorts. With us, You will be able to go to Germany not expensive!

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