"the largest lake"
Within the area of many rivers belonging to the basins of the Kama, Tobol and Ural. Because here, basically, their upper reaches, they are shallow. Rivers longer than 10 km…

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The largest lake in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia — Issyk-Kul. The total volume of water of the Issyk-Kul lake — 1738 km2, its average depth-278 m, maximum depth-668 m, the…

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"the famous lake"
Bolivia GENERAL INFORMACIJU ABOUT THE COUNTRY Capital: La Paz, the actual capital of Bolivia (according to the Constitution the capital city is Sucre) Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, etc.…

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Individual tours in Lake Titicaca (Peru) from the tourist company Turbinaria. An unforgettable holiday from a leading tour operator

The charm and beauty of lake Titicaca is amazing!

Lake Titicaca – the birthplace of the highly cultured civilization of the Incas.

Charming lake Titicaca is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places on Earth. Its main feature is a unique floating Islands, living on the lands of an Indian tribe, the Uros.

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Such a beautiful lake is situated between the two countries: Bolivia and Peru. Interesting is the fact that his name is obliged to the Spanish colonizers, while natives of Peru called it Mamacita.

The lake flows in many large rivers and small streams, and flows from it the only river of Desaguadero, which flows into lake Poopo., located in Bolivia.

Titicaca is different a difficult character, so in the rainy season it overflows, flooding the fields and the Marina, it also ebbs and flows.

However, when talking about such a wonderful and amazing place, it is worth noting its uniqueness and originality, which manifests itself in the floating Islands, built of totora reeds by the Uros tribe. A large part of Indian tribe long ago moved and settled on the banks of the lake, but several hundred people of this tribe live on floating Islands, and on land they go by boat, which is the same totora reeds, which is also used by the Uros tribe for food, and prepare tea flower. The life cycle of the floating Islands is about 30 years, and every three months (dry season) to update and replace the rotten cane.

Sights lake Titicaca

This lake was the birthplace of not only the Inca civilization, but other civilizations (Aymara, Quechua). It is interesting that, while investigating the Islands, archaeologists discovered the remains of previous civilizations, which were the precursors of the Incas.

One of the main attractions of lake Titicaca is taquile island . which last place, fallen under the onslaught of the Spanish colonizers. The popularity of the island due to the production of high quality textile products exclusively handmade. Moreover, data of textile art on the island exclusively men, and women, in turn, weave, spin etc.

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Also near the shores of lake Titicaca are the tower Chullpa in Sillustani . which, according to scientists, represent the funerary complex of the Aymara people.

Speaking of the lake Titicaca, it is worth mentioning Amantani island with magnificent temples Pachamama and Pachatata . However, this is only a small part of the unique attractions located around the lake.

But, nevertheless, the interest of travelers to this place most of all due to legends surrounding this fascinating creation of nature. Titicaca is a dream for many travelers, being the lovers of real adventures.

And in order to travel in comfort, you can enjoy the facilities at hotel Libertador Lago Titicaca 5*. located on the picturesque shore of lake Titicaca or Casa Andina Puno Plaza 4*. located 7 minutes ‘ drive from such a wonderful and picturesque places.


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