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Abkhazia healing

Natural factors and medical conditions

Abkhazia . The Republic of Abkhazia is situated between the Central Caucasian ridge and the Black sea, in the North-West it borders with Russia, the Krasnodar territory (practically, it is “the edge” Adler), and from the South-East – with Georgia.

Abkhazia is located in the North-Western part of the Caucasus between the rivers Psou and Ingur, on the southwest by the Black sea. The coast, with a length of over 210 km, a little rugged, often wide pebble beaches. Sea expanses, subtropical vegetation, wild rivers and peaks of the greater Caucasus Abkhazia give a very picturesque. In coastal areas the climate is humid subtropical, with rainfall of 1200-1400 mm. of annual Average temperature is +15 degrees.

Tourist Abkhazia is a huge and diverse world. Beautiful lake Ritsa with his dear, every kilometer of which consists of amazing experiences, and the branch which will lead to a unique waterfall on the river Gig, and the continuation of the roads lead to a picturesque valley with mineral springs Awatary; new Athos cave of karst origin, the ruins of the ancient capital of the Abkhazian Kingdom, the new Athos monastery – one of the centers of Orthodox Christianity in Abkhazia, for the day will occupy Your attention for its unique advantages; willing to be charmed by organ music, to be surprised by another antiquities of Abkhazia and just wander around the resort will make a tour of in picunda ; a lot of wonderful and in the cities of Sukhum. Gagra. Gudauta .

At the moment the resorts of Abkhazia once again gain its well-deserved popularity for decades. Rest in Abkhazia is perfectly safe, and the infrastructure and the attitude of the guests deserves unprecedented praise. The resorts of Abkhazia newly rebuilt or renovated by the upper class, built many first-class new hotels, the tourism industry developed by leaps and bounds. All this against the backdrop of beautiful nature and the kindness and hospitality of the Abkhaz, who appreciate warm relations with Russia.

Mineral waters of Abkhazia in combination with clean air, rich in negative ions, sea salts, and oxygen (41 %) – a truly healing cocktail that contribute to good health and longevity. In Abkhazia is now known from about 170 sources. In General, water is not inferior in its qualities to such world famous waters like Borjomi, Narzan, Vichy.

Better than other studied water: carbon dioxide-carbonate-sodium-calcium-magnesium (Aadhar, Azhara, Scan); hydrogen sulfide-chloride-sodium (Sukhum, the village Choir); brackish, thermal (Gagra, Sukhum); is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-sodium (Margao); calcium (Okum); high thermal (Kyndyg, Ohura, Gal, Ochamchyra).

Especially should dwell on mineral water “Ouadjar” born in the upper reaches of lake Ritsa. Lake Ritsa is situated at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level. Audarshia mineral springs are located 18 km above lake Ritsa – at the height of 1700 meters above sea level. On this site ways eyes the magnificent views of gorges and mountains covered in beech forest. This is the Central plot of the Ritz-Aadharsh reserve, founded in 1930. Valley Awatary considered one of the most wonderful places in the Caucasus. But it is interesting not only for its scenery: in the depths of huge reserves of curative mineral water. In the coming years on Iwadare is expected to build the hotel, the mineral water pavilion and bath house.

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