Swimmers from Russia in the first world are going to cross the famous Loch ness
Russian athletes and fans are preparing to set a world record. Altai walruses are going to swim across Loch ness. Not across and along - so, if you're lucky, meet…

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"colorful lake"
Germany About Germany say different. Someone admires the orderliness of life of the Germans, someone allegedly annoying prinesennoy of the country and life on the principle of "step aside". However,…

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Tours in Lecco, lake Como and other lakes North of Milan
Como, Italy: what to see? If You ask me, I will answer: of course, first of all the lake itself, starting with walking on its coast, which I suggest You…

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Amazing lake in the world – news Exactly

The lake is a component of the hydrosphere that is a natural reservoir filled within lake bowl (lake bed) with water, which has no direct connection with the sea (ocean).

We present you the most beautiful and simultaneously the most incredible lakes in the world.

1. Lake Five Flowers in China – small colored lake, the bottom of which is decorated with the trunks of fallen trees. The color of the lake varies from yellow to dark green, but most of the time the water here is diamond blue . It is a place shrouded in mystery. While there are many neighboring lakes periodically shallow and dry, the water level in the reservoir constant. Five Flowers will not freeze vimc . although all the neighboring lakes are covered with ice. The lake water is so clear that when you dive into it you can see that is at a depth of 40 meters.

2. Baikal-lake of tectonic origin in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake on the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water and the oldest lake in the world. The coastal areas feature a unique variety of flora and fauna. In Baikal there are about 2,600 species and subspecies of aquatic animals, more than half of which are endemics, i.e. they live only in this reservoir. If the water contained in lake Baikal (23 615,390 km ³), to divide into all citizens of Russia, each had about 166,4 thousand cubic meters of water, which is about 2773 rail tank cars of 60 tons each.

3. Neon the Gippsland lakes is Australia. It is a complex of lakes, marshes and lagoons in Eastern Victoria, with an area of about 600 square kilometers. The lake has a natural phenomenon of bioluminescence – occurs when a very rare species of algae that lives in the lake, begins to grow rapidly.

4. The lake in the village Shimshal in Pakistan – has the shape of a heart . It became known after the opening of the road to the village Shimshal, which appeared in 2005. Previously the path had to be overcome on foot through the mountains.

5. Lake Carrera in Chile. Marble caves of Patagonia in Chile – this is a wonderful bright blue grottoes . partially submerged in the turquoise waters of lake Carrera. The lake itself is located on the border of Argentina and Chile, but the caves are located in Chile.

Lake Carrera – natural formation, which is composed of calcite, pink and blue marble, covers an area of 1850 km ², and is situated at altitude 217 m above sea level.

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