The biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan
The largest lake in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia — Issyk-Kul. The total volume of water of the Issyk-Kul lake — 1738 km2, its average depth-278 m, maximum depth-668 m, the…

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Individual tours in Lake Titicaca (Peru) from the tourist company Turbinaria. An unforgettable holiday from a leading tour operator
The charm and beauty of lake Titicaca is amazing! Lake Titicaca – the birthplace of the highly cultured civilization of the Incas. Charming lake Titicaca is one of the most…

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Different lakes of Italy
What is so attracted by the resorts on the lakes? First of all, crystal clear fresh water. Secondly, the charming scenery of the majestic Alps to the fruit groves. Thirdly,…

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Dangerous lake Land – Portal life news

On the Land there are lakes that are for various reasons unsuitable for people.

Lake Kivu in the Congo has long interested scientists. But they are not attracted by the picturesqueness of the lake. At the bottom of the lake had accumulated huge deposits of carbon dioxide and methane, caused by the bacteria. If in this place there’s an earthquake, then a mix of these gases will explode.

The explosion will carry at least 2 million people living around the lake. They will die either from the explosion or from carbon dioxide poisoning. In the Urals, lake Karachay, which is the most deadly on the planet. In 1951 it was used for storage of liquid radioactive waste. There has accumulated about 120 million curies of radioactive material. Dominated by strontium-90 and cesium-137. Even five minutes of being on the shore of lake Karachay is dangerous for health. And one hour is enough to die. In 1961, during the drought of 500 thousand received radiation due to dust blown by the wind. This is equivalent to the action of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The last twenty years attempts have been made to fill the lake.

In Dominica is the Boiling lake is considered one of the wonders of the world. The temperature of the water in it is 80-92 degrees. Sometimes it really boils. All the matter in volcanic activity and faults at the bottom of the lake. The water heats the lava.

The Horseshoe lake in California near the town of Mammoth lakes is also capable of killing. The town itself is situated on top of an active volcano. The lake is curved like a horseshoe. But 20 years ago the trees around the lake had suddenly dried up. It turned out that they died because of the excess carbon dioxide that comes from magmatic chambers. In 2006, three people who had taken refuge in a cave near the lake died, poisoned by gas which had accumulated in the cave.

Very ancient Mono lake in California is two times saltier than ocean water. Fish in it does not wish to live, or rather, can’t. In 1941, as a result of human business activity, the lake has receded dramatically and revealed hitherto hidden amazing calc-tuff towers. In 1990 the use of water from the lake ceased, but half the volume was gone. Now the rehabilitation of the lake handled by a special Committee.

Lake Monoun located in the United States in the crater of the volcano. It is also dangerous, as the lake Kivu. In 1984 was the release of carbon dioxide that killed 37 people. In 62 kilometers from Moon lake Nuas. In 1986, after the emission it exploded. Now it is filled with carbonic acid. And the cloud of carbon dioxide killed thousands of people and animals in surrounding towns and villages. Any shift of the earth’s crust and the resumption of volcanic activity burst can be repeated.

One of the five Great lakes on the border of Canada and the U.S. Michigan is also very dangerous. Because of the shape of the lake in it there are very dangerous undercurrents, which become the cause of death. The lake is especially dangerous in October and November. Abrupt changes in water temperature and air change force and speed of currents.


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