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Mercedes-Benz’s Top 10 Movie Cameos, Ranked from Worst to Best

Hollywood and Mercedes-Benz vehicles appear as though a match made in celluloid paradise, and as anyone might expect, three-pointed stars have been highlighted in many movies for well more than six decades. In all honesty, a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Gullwing caught an appearance job path, harking back to the 1958 thriller The Screaming Skull. Since that job, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have showed up in a huge amount of films, a few features of which we’ve ordered for you here. We likewise evaluated them from one to four Mercedes-Benz stars dependent on which ones were utilized best in their individual movies, (four being the best) and we found a couple of decision scene cuts for your survey joy.

Fella, Where’s My Car? (2000)

A Very Dirty McLaren-Elva Can-Am Car Hits The Pits

Close to the finish of the Bahamas Speed Week’s life expectancy, vehicles from the profoundly serious Can-Am class started to show up on the beginning matrix, including the orange weapons from Bruce McLaren.

Cobra, Meet Stingray

Truly, the absolute most prominent motorsports contentions ever happened in the bright, sandy Bahamas.

Quiet Before The Race

You might be cool, yet you’ll never be as cool as Ricardo Rodriguez in a Porsche 550 Spyder.

Phil Hill And A Ford GT40

The Formula 1 best on the planet and all-around dashing legend Phil Hill was close by in Nassau to wheel the 1964 Ford GT40 No. GT/103, an early case of the Mk. I.