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Gracious My Girl’s YooA Opens Up About Her Fresh Take On A Role Model For Herself

Gracious My Girl’s YooA as of late plunked down for a meeting with Ask Allure on YouTube, and gave some new bits of knowledge with respect to her good examples, just as her picture as a symbol!

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YooA was posed huge amounts of intriguing inquiries, and one of them revolved around who her good example is. YooA uncovered that she surely used to have a good example, yet she doesn’t any longer.

I had a good example previously, however after I began believing that I needed to make something unique to Oh My Girl’s YooA, I didn’t have a good example any longer.

She further expounded on her answer, uncovering that she’s currently completely centered around communicating who she is as YooA.

Presently I ponder how I need to make something that is unique to YooA or something YooA-esque.