The Olympics of 4×4: A Look Back at the Incredible Camel Trophy

Since the time the presentation of the new Land Rover Defender toward the end of last year, the marque's stone pulverizing, sand-beating, mud-killing yet still chic 4x4 keeps on getting a charge out of the media spotlight, as the two lovers and clients give off an impression of being head-over-heels for the refreshed symbol. All things considered, this is the first run through the Defender has gone genuinely worldwide, and beside the first Willys Jeep and the Toyota Land Cruiser, there is definitely not a 4x4 out there as reminiscent of the adventuring soul as the OG Defender. Experience In The DNA That is not simply sharp PR from Land Rover itself, either. The first Defender—and by expansion, the times of Series Land Rovers that pre-dated it—built up itself as…
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